gibbonsbarbie (gibbonsbarbie) wrote in theatericontest,

Here are the winners for last week!

 #1 and Mod's Choice  (allegoricduck)

#2  (keepsmiling05)

#3 (roseinthewinter)
Congratz to all the winners.

And then I have an update of things to come.

I'm looking for people interested in co-moderating. Now this isn't going to be a long time thing, but I'm up to my eyeballs in work and things I need to get done. I figured maybe every other month we could have a new co-moderator who would come up with challenges (thats pretty much it, I would still count the votes.. etc) and that mod would get to pick mod's choice. I know it's not that much work, but it would be pretty helpful to me. If anyone is interested please comment here.. otherwise oh well.. lol and if we have a lot of interest I'll just assign maybe a week or 2 for each person.

Thanks for reading.. come back soon next challenge to be posted (sorry all of this is soooo late!)

<3 always

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